creategroup, addgroupmem, delgroupmem, addgroup, delgroup tests reqd

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Aug 29 13:22:10 GMT 1999


i do not currently have access to an nt pdc against which to run the above
commands.  could someone help me out here by running:

rpcclient -S your_pdc -U administrator -d 100 -l log

then use the above group commands, and any others you can find in
rpcclient to do with groups (not aliases, as you can run those against an
nt non-pdc which i have already done) and then send me the resultant
log.client output?

i need it for examples in the dce/rpc smb book, so please the examples
need to be short (e.g only add one member to a group).



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