Network timeout problem with samba

Munikrishnaiah Bade Munib at
Sat Aug 28 00:21:20 GMT 1999


   I have a Linux client accessing a share from FreeBSD server. I mounted
of the share using smbmount. I have a process doing read/write to a file in
mounted file sytem(smbfs). When i unplug the network cable my process hangs
for about 15 minutes and fails.

    If i recconnect the cable after 10 min. The test process continues
I want my test process to fail immediately after unplug the network cable.

   Is there any configuration parameter that i can use to make this timeout
less than
15 min. I used TCP socket option NODELAY in smb.conf as well as setting file
descriptor O_FNODELAY after opening it. Still getting the same result.

Any help?

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