Quotas : per-share

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Thu Aug 26 11:43:51 GMT 1999

While the topic of quotas is live, herewith a different suggestion,
independent of the discussion about Veritas quotas. 

The "--with-quotas" option is described as experimental and the suggestion
below does not basically change that.

It is currently a compile-time option, which gets applied (or omitted
from!) every share in the installation "forever".  Could it be done
per-share?  It would use a boolean parameter (e.g."dfree quota") which
could default to "no". 

One step further:  Given the above and its "no" default, "--with-quotas" 
becomes superfluous, I think, and can be removed along with the
complication of juggling the "noquotas.c" and "quotas.c" pair of files in
configure.in and the Makefiles.  An implication is that sites currently
using the experimental "--with-quotas" would have to enable "dfree quota". 
(I willingly acknowledge that this may be a step too far at this time; 
don't let it distract from the request for a "dfree quota" parameter.) 

If the basic "dfree quota" seems a good idea, I'll see whether I can knock
up a patch for it.


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