Problem with SAMBA and CuteFTP 3.x.x

Andrej Borsenkow Andrej.Borsenkow at
Thu Aug 26 07:18:05 GMT 1999

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CuteFTP 3.x.x crashes when browsing the SAMBA server. Observed with all versions
of CuteFTP from 3.x.x beta (currently with 3.3 beta) and all SAMBA 2.x.x I had
here (currently 2.0.5a in 64 bit mode).

The client is WinNT4.0SP5 with IE5 installed. So far CuteFTP is the only program
that shows this unusual behaviour.

> Sorry for my ignorance.  What is a SAMBA server?  Tell me what it is and
> what it is used for so I can try to duplicate you situation.
> Thank you.

SAMBA is a free implementation of SMB file server. It is using the same protocol
as Microsoft WinXX systems and looks much like a WinNT server for Win9x of WinNT
clients. It runs on most Unices (Linux in particular).

Folks, could anybody help?  I don't preclude SAMBA error (albeit very unlikely).



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