FW: Samba NT Domain Controller code

Beau Kuiper ekuiperba at cc.curtin.edu.au
Wed Aug 25 04:52:09 GMT 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Matt Chapman wrote:
> Gerald Carter wrote:
> > 
> > Yes.  I realize this, but once you stick a tarball out there,
> > these people will not be the only ones to get it.  I understand
> > the legitmate need for a tarball by people behind a firewall,
> > I'm just a little bit nervous about making so that everyone
> > can download it just like the **main** distribution.  Of
> > course, no one would ever download the HEAD branch tarball and
> > think they were getting a stable distribution right?  And no
> > one ever runs 2.0.x as a PDC right?
> I think it would be useful nevertheless, and would reduce the load on
> the CVS server.
> What if we were to call the archive something like
> samba-devel-prealpha-unstable-990825.tar.gz... do you think people would
> get the message? :-)

To be serious, No :(

Beau Kuiper
ekuiperba at cc.curtin.edu.au

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