Where to submit patches?

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 23 18:12:26 GMT 1999

Over the last few months we have developed three patches for samba,
which are currently against 2.0.4b .  (I am aware that the current version
is 2.0.5a.)

The patches are:
1. Implement quotas on Veritas File System (vxfs).
2. Allow a non-zero return-code from preexec (and from root preexec)
   to abort the connection (controllable by another parameter).
3. Allow UNIX file permissions of new files/directroies to be inherited
   from parent directory.  (Very un-UNIX-y, I know, for us techno-geeks,
   but an exceedingly useful and intuitive option for our user population
   which will soon number several thousand.)

Where do I submit them for assessment and, hopefully, inclusion into the
source code?  If to this list, can I send them as attachments?


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