rpcclient / srvmgr.exe

Michael Glauche glauche at plum.de
Tue Aug 17 19:24:25 GMT 1999

another one : Where can I find information of the rpcclient commands,
and what they
should issue ? (or just try and watch an NT server ? :)

srvconnections allerady tells me the correct number of connections, but
I have a few problems with it :

srvconnections 1

Connection Info Level 1:
	id       :	0        
	type     :	Disk
	num_opens:	1
	num_users:	1
	open_time:	30
	user name:	dummy_user
	net  name:	tmp

id : on nt side this is some kind of auto-increment variable, that
increases per connection. Any hints where I can get such a number ? 
type,open is ok, but what is num_users ? And NT srvmgr seems to ignore
my open_time .. :( (it is allways set to 00:00 !?!?)
Another problem is, that in srvmgr I see all connections on each share,
i.e. if there is some user connected to tmp, the user count in IPC$ will
also go up. How does srvmgr compute these ? I did not see any rpcclient
command to tell how many open files a share has ?


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