gripes with samba -- debug behavior

Branko Cibej branko.cibej at
Tue Aug 17 15:00:40 GMT 1999

"Cole, Timothy D." wrote:

> > I've been doing things a bit differently. Put a delay loop in the code:


> Why not just raise a SIGSTOP, rather than busy-waiting?

Because that's what my predecessor did, and I just merge in
his pathces, and I'm too lazy to change them :-)

But yes, a SIGSTOP would be better, if something like this went
into CVS.

> > This is more or less necessary if you want to start Samba
> > via inetd, isn't it?
> >
>         Isn't that usage depreciated anyway, though?

Haven't a clue. The docs contain instructions for that, but
don't say which method is preferred.


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