gripes with samba -- debug behavior

Marty Leisner leisner at
Tue Aug 17 13:06:09 GMT 1999

I have to do some more work using samba to reverse
engineer/confirm behavior of Micro$oft products...

Ever since I was using samba (for the last 5 years), I hacked
it up to:
	Not daemonize and log to stdout.

I just got the cvs version and looked at nmbd...

(I'm happy the man page now mentions -D is not recommented).

But the behavior:
  if (!is_daemon && !is_a_socket(0))
    DEBUG(0,("standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option\n"));
    is_daemon = True;

is pretty poor...

the cvs version is far enough ahead of the curve...I plan on
adding options to smbd and nmbd to give this behavior...


Marty Leisner
leisner at

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