samba-2.0.5a: initial connection from NT4SP5 as nobody

Andrej Borsenkow Andrej.Borsenkow at
Fri Aug 6 06:47:25 GMT 1999

The problem still persists. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce it in easy way
and hope, that somebody will do better.

Workstation: WinNT4.0SP5 (without hoy fixes) + IE5.0 (with some hotfixes). SAMBA
shares are mapped to local drives

SAMBA: 2.0.5a in domain security

PDC: WinNT4.0SP5 without hotfixes, IE4.01 (from SP5 CD-ROM)

NT user in mapped to Unix user. "allow trusted domains" is set to "no"

Problem: initial connections to mapped shares after workstation boots and I log
in are made as guest ("nobody"). I normally log in immediately after NT boots
:-) If I kill session (or session times out and is reconnected) shares are
connected under correct user. This is really annoying; I tried to set log level
in SAMBA to some high value, but could not reproduce it on purpose.


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