GETDC problem

Michael Stockman pgmtekn at
Sat Aug 7 13:51:22 GMT 1999


In samba there have been a problem with GETDC (in head branch,
probably not in 2.0.X) and W95 for the last 10 months (apprx). My
investigation this afternoon showed that our reply isn't accepted by
W95 and that this is the cause of several problems such as unable to
use usrmgr under W95 and Samba showing up as BDC in srvmgr. Some
password changing issues might be related (although I haven't seen
this myself, just think I might have seen it somewhere on the
mail-lists) where W95 claims to be unable to find the PDC.

I would like someone to apply the disclosed patch (diff -u'ed) to the
head branch (nmbd/nmbd_processlogon.c) as this will equalize the
response to what we get in the 2.0.X branch and solve the W95 problem.

The real problem is that WNT want more data in the reply (two unicode
strings and some variables) than W95. This extra data causes W95 to
choke (retry a few times and then give up) and the patch should change
samba's behaviour to only send this data when it is wanted (it does as
I previously wrote, equalize the behaviour with the 2.0.X branch).

Best regards
  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

begin 666 nmbd_processlogon.patch
M+2TM(&YM8F1?<')O8V5S<VQO9V]N+F,)4V%T($%U9R @-R Q-3HS.3HQ," Q
M.3DY"BLK*R!N;6)D7W!R;V-E<W-L;V=O;BYC+FYE=PE3870 at 075G(" W(#$U
M.C(R.C P(#$Y.3D*0$ @+3$S-BPQ." K,3,V+#(Q($! "B @(" @("!F<W1R
M8W!Y*'$L(')E<&QY7VYA;64I.PH@(" @(" @<2 ]('-K:7!?<W1R:6YG*'$L
M(#$I.R O*B!01$,@;F%M92 J+PH@"BT@(" @("!Q(#T at 86QI9VXR*'$L(&)U
M9BD["BT*(" @(" @("\J(%!$0R!A;F0 at 9&]M86EN(&YA;64@*B\*+2 @(" @
M9BAO=71B=68I+7$M,BD["BT@(" @("!Q(#T at 87-C:6E?=&]?=6YI8G5F*'$L
M,BD["BL@(" @("!I9B H<W1R8VUP*&UA:6QS;&]T+"!.5%],3T=/3E]-04E,
M4TQ/5"D]/3 I"BL@(" @("!["BL@(" @(" @('$@/2!A;&EG;C(H<2P at 8G5F
M*3L**PHK(" @(" @("!Q(#T at 87-C:6E?=&]?=6YI8G5F*'$L(&UY7VYA;64L
M(&]U=&)U9BMS:7IE;V8H;W5T8G5F*2UQ+3(I.PHK(" @(" @("!Q(#T at 87-C
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M151$0R!R97%U97-T(&9R;VT@)7, at 870@25 @)7,L(%P*(')E<&]R=&EN9R E
3;&U?,C @=&]K96X])7A<;B(L"@``

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