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Tue Aug 3 12:00:42 GMT 1999

Jean Henchey wrote:
> I have been trying nmblookup -A without much success.  I usually get a
> name-not-found sort of message.
> What I would really like is to get a list of netbios names and IP
> addresses of all the workstations on the lan.  I suppose it is much like
> going into the network neighborhood and grabbing hostnames.  The
> conversion into IPs is easy enough.
> I suppose I could set a script to watch snmbstatus, grab netbios names,
> and nmblookup for IP addresses..but this seems silly.
> Any better way to do this?

Look at the perl script findsmb that should be in your samba/bin 
directory. Read the comments at the beginning. If all your clients
are win95 clients you will need to run this script on a machine 
without nmbd running. If your machines are on a different subnet
and the router is blocking broadcasts you will need to run this
on a machine on the same subnet as the machines of interest.

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