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At 13:43 3/08/99 +1000, scott at wrote:
>I have pppd 2.3.7 providing dial-up service to my WIndows clients.  The
>same box running pppd is also running Samba's nmbd as a WINS server.
>All addresses (DNS, WINS, netmask, etc.) are correctly populated on the
>client as verified by winipcfg and ipconfig.  The clients login using
>the respective login/password which matches the Linux server.  They have
>only TCP/IP installed, no NETBEUI or IPX/SPX.  They are able to perform
>a find-computer and access SMB shares however when they go into network
>neighborhood, they're unable to browse the network.  Now, several years
>ago on an old Slackware server, I actually had everything working
>beautifully.  Is anyone aware of any caveat that may negatively affect

What type of subnet mask are you using?

Windows seems to insist, in cases where the IP address is assigned by the
PPP server at the remote end, on using class A,B,C subnet masks.  If your
subnet mask is not a Class A,B,C one, then broadcasts will not work.

No broadcasts, no browsing, unless you set up WINS, which pppd supports.

Just a guess.

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