Windows Browsing via PPP

Scott Dudley scott at
Mon Aug 2 16:17:59 GMT 1999

I have pppd 2.3.7 providing dial-up service to my WIndows clients.  The
same box running pppd is also running Samba's nmbd as a WINS server.
All addresses (DNS, WINS, netmask, etc.) are correctly populated on the
client as verified by winipcfg and ipconfig.  The clients login using
the respective login/password which matches the Linux server.  They have
only TCP/IP installed, no NETBEUI or IPX/SPX.  They are able to perform
a find-computer and access SMB shares however when they go into network
neighborhood, they're unable to browse the network.  Now, several years
ago on an old Slackware server, I actually had everything working
beautifully.  Is anyone aware of any caveat that may negatively affect

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