Restrict anonymous and %X expansion patches

Andy Bakun abakun at
Wed Apr 7 15:15:56 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>         Do I have your permission to add your "restrict
> anonymous" and look at the '%X' patch for inclusion in
> the Samba master source code for 2.0.4 ?

- The restrict anonymous patch: please, please, please! The patch for

does not contain patches for the docs, but there are yodl format docs in

or they can be grabbed in plaintext from

- The %X group macro patch: yes.  If you could tell me how to get access to
current_user or a connection_struct, it might be better to use the group
information in there rather than rereading the information, although
(correct me if I'm wrong) those values change depending on the share in use
(with force user/force group), whereas I was trying to use a more
consistant value.

You are welcome to pick a more appropriate macro name than %X.  I can whip
up a patch against the docs for this also.

- And could you also take look at the 'close command' patch
( and consider that for
inclusion? Dan Kaminsky (effugas at is also looking for a 'root
close command', but I have not had time to figure out samba's complete
(un)become_user system yet, so this puppy may not be ready for prime time
until 'root close command' exists.  This patch includes changes to docs.

> I ask as it's always safer to get explicit permission rather
> than just pulling the source code down from a Web site.

I'm not going to complain if someone makes my job easier -- by making
things official, you keep me from having to generate clean patches for
every new release, which gets difficult the more patches I make.  Patch
away!  I assume this means they'll be in the 2.1 series in CVS also?

Please tell me if any of the patches need work. I'll be happy to generate
them against 2.0.3 (and CVS if you so desire), and include changes to the
docs/* files also before you merge them in.


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