Win 95 login very slow

Greg Dickie greg at
Tue Apr 6 13:54:54 GMT 1999

Are you using the latest CVS? I've noticed NT logins got much slower in the last
week. Haven't investigated the cause yet though ;-(


On 06-Apr-99 Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> has anyone seen this problem before:
> Win 95 (4.0.950) network login is very slow. Takes 10 minutes. The
> netlogon.bat has about 6 statements in it. most of them use xcopy to copy
> files that have changed up to the server.
> However, zero or very few files are copied.
> If I look at the network traffic, what I see is the server responds very
> quickly, but the next operation from the client is not issued for half a
> second.  It looks like Win95 is out to lunch for half a second between each
> network operation.
> The ethernet card is known to be good. I placed it in another system.
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