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Mick Haigh mhaigh at
Wed Sep 23 06:45:08 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> > Something similar to this has been posted to the samba group a few
> > times, but I didn't see any replys.  Anyway - the last few revisions of
> > the code that I've checked out (including one from 12:11pm Sept 23 EST)
> > have broken printing from Win95 machines.
> It's not as simple as that. Printing works fine from Win95 for me (my
> wife uses it all the time).
> > There was an error writing to \\village\laser for printer (HP LaserJet
> > 4M Plus):
> > There was a problem printing to the printer due to an unknown system
> > error.
> > Restart Windows, and the try printer again.
> you may have to do a comparitive sniff to work out what's
> wrong. Download a earlier version (one that works) then get a sniff or
> log of that printing. Then use the current version and get another
> log. Then look at them to find the first point at which they diverge.
> Then stare at the surrounding packets till you find what the
> difference is in how Samba reponded.
> Alternatively (if you don't like staring at sniffs) use the -D option
> to CVS to pull out different versions till you find the exact code
> change that caused the problem. For example:
> cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co -D "9/1/98" samba/source
> .. compile and test in samba/source ... note result ...
> rm -rf samba/source
> cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co -D "9/20/98" samba/source
> .. compile and test in samba/source ... note result ...

Ok - I've done this for the time being.  I couldn't (easily) get the source
from 9/19/98 to build, however the source from th 18th worked fine, but the
source from the 20th didn't.

I'll have a bit more of a look tomorrow.


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