Porting Samba to BeOS and other non-unix platforms

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Tue Sep 22 14:28:18 GMT 1998


Thanks for your interest.  You might take a look at the Amiga port of
Samba.  There is a link to the site on the Samba web page.  On the Amiga
platform the port is partially handled by the existance of a free,
third-party, unix emulation library.  Unfortunately, this library is not
complete, so there are still problems.

As Andrew outlined, the goal would be to isolate functions that must be
re-implemented on different platforms.  The Samba code might then call a
stub function which would call the appropriate function for the target
system.  The first step is to identify the functions that would need such 

Chris -)-----

PS.  Where are you located and is there any chance that you'll be going 
     to the CIFS conference next month?

> Hello all,
> I'd like to talk to anyone who is porting Samba to a non-unix platform.  I
> would like to port Samba to the BeOS, and i thought that people porting to
> other various platforms might could get together and help each other out. 
> I spoke with Tridge about a month ago (been busy), who said: 
> >ok, but when you make changes please make sure you don't do:
> >
> >#ifdef BEOS 
> >do something 
> >#else 
> >do something else 
> >#endif 
> > 
> >if you do that throughout the code then I'll reject your 
> >patch. Instead you will need to add abstraction functions in Samba so 
> >that the main Samba code calls general functions (perhaps in 
> >lib/system.c or os/beos.c). Then those functions can do BEOS specific 
> >stuff on BEOS.  
> > 
> >I know this is more work for you, but it really has to be done that 
> >way. Otherwise we end up with code that is just a nest of #ifdefs for 
> >each weird platform that comes along. 
> Note: I had just spent two days placing aproximately one billion "#ifdef
> BEOS"'s into 1.9.18p7. :)  So, a (quick, bad) port of Samba does exist for
> Be, if anyone is interested. 
> So, I thought anyone doing ports to the weird platforms could get together
> and abstract out the parts we need in some coherent form. If you are,
> contact me and we can discuss our respective OS's weirdness. 
> Thanks,
> Alfred Landrum
> FYI:  I interned for Be this summer, and wrote a cifs file system for
> them.  If anyone here has interests in Be, Rel4 (due out in Nov/Dec)
> should include this. 
> PS: Samba rocks. Thank you all.

Christopher R. Hertel -)-----                   University of Minnesota
crh at nts.umn.edu              Networking and Telecommunications Services

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