Porting Samba to BeOS and other non-unix platforms

Alfred Landrum landrum at lightlink.com
Mon Sep 21 02:38:56 GMT 1998

Hello all,

I'd like to talk to anyone who is porting Samba to a non-unix platform.  I
would like to port Samba to the BeOS, and i thought that people porting to
other various platforms might could get together and help each other out. 

I spoke with Tridge about a month ago (been busy), who said: 

>ok, but when you make changes please make sure you don't do:
>#ifdef BEOS 
>do something 
>do something else 
>if you do that throughout the code then I'll reject your 
>patch. Instead you will need to add abstraction functions in Samba so 
>that the main Samba code calls general functions (perhaps in 
>lib/system.c or os/beos.c). Then those functions can do BEOS specific 
>stuff on BEOS.  
>I know this is more work for you, but it really has to be done that 
>way. Otherwise we end up with code that is just a nest of #ifdefs for 
>each weird platform that comes along. 

Note: I had just spent two days placing aproximately one billion "#ifdef
BEOS"'s into 1.9.18p7. :)  So, a (quick, bad) port of Samba does exist for
Be, if anyone is interested. 

So, I thought anyone doing ports to the weird platforms could get together
and abstract out the parts we need in some coherent form. If you are,
contact me and we can discuss our respective OS's weirdness. 

Alfred Landrum

FYI:  I interned for Be this summer, and wrote a cifs file system for
them.  If anyone here has interests in Be, Rel4 (due out in Nov/Dec)
should include this. 

PS: Samba rocks. Thank you all.

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