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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Tue Sep 15 14:36:31 GMT 1998

A side point just surfaced in the NT domains discussion.

  Right now, Samba can be a PDC using nt authentication and
a private password file, or a workgroup server using
unix authentication and /etc/passwd.

  Can Samba be a PDC while still taking most of its information
from a Unix authentication domain?  After all, the
password is only one of 7 fields we use:
	user name
	user full name (nee GCOS)
	primary gid
	other gids (from /etc/groups)
	home directory

  I can see Unix bigots like myself being prepared to live
with the travails of password synchronization in order to
have an ``NT Gateway server'' in the form of Samba, and
be able to administer our authentication domain for everyone
using yp/nis, nis+, kerberos/hesiod or blue pages.
(In fact, that's what some of our sites are doing using
just security=user and yellow pages.)

  Note that is the value-add that commercial products
have, but at the cost of locking you in to their way of
doing things.

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