An implication of domains...

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Sep 15 16:52:06 GMT 1998

David Collier-Brown wrote:

>   Can Samba be a PDC while still taking most of its information
> from a Unix authentication domain?  After all, the
> password is only one of 7 fields we use:
>         user name
>         password
>         user full name (nee GCOS)
>         uid
>         primary gid
>         other gids (from /etc/groups)
>         home directory
>   I can see Unix bigots like myself being prepared to live
> with the travails of password synchronization in order to
> have an ``NT Gateway server'' in the form of Samba, and
> be able to administer our authentication domain for everyone
> using yp/nis, nis+, kerberos/hesiod or blue pages.
> (In fact, that's what some of our sites are doing using
> just security=user and yellow pages.)

Well I was considering migrating the info in a smbpasswd file
into a gdbm database to give us full functionality w.r.t 
PDC account parameters.

Things will be much better with NT5.x as we can use
kerberos for all authentication and the password sync
problems go away....... sometime next century :-).



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