NT4 Browsing Weirdness with still life

Tim Potter tpot at acsys.anu.edu.au
Fri Oct 30 08:58:30 GMT 1998

I'm still getting what I think is this browsing bug and I have merged the
ZERO_STRUCTP into my copy.  Definitely something uninitialised somewhere..

The samba VFS (or user-space filesystem as referred to by tridge) is
pretty much working - it's really neat!  I need to get some more machinery
in place to maintain a consistent filesystem in memory though (uids,
time/datestamps, and some routines to take a pathname and navigate through
my data structures).  

Some general questions: Are there any routines I can pinch from somewhere
else to parse filenames?  Am I guaranteed to get passed a pathname of a
certain format (i.e no backslashes or ../ ./ things to trip up my parser)
after passing a pathname through dos_to_unix()? 


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