[Fwd: USRMGR in W95 since 1998-10-18]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Oct 29 17:55:10 GMT 1998

> Luke, this is the unicode change you made to GETDC
> in nmbd.

i know.  it leads me to believe that we are not distinguishing the various
different UDP mailslots sufficiently.  you can get GETDC calls with random
values, and i think this is used to ensure that the answer goes back to
the right place.

this is different from NET\NETLOGON and NET\NTLOGON etc.

need some network traffix examples.

> Can you (or maybe Gerald?) check that the 
> change you made in the 2.0 stream still allows Win95/98
> machines to work correctly with Samba set up as a Win95
> "logon server", not as a PDC.

gerry can you get some samples - please?

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