CVS Tree Problems

John H Terpstra jht at
Thu Oct 29 10:09:36 GMT 1998


I regret to advise that I have broken things in the CVS tree.

Over the past few days I created a directory with a typo in it.
Now it has been fixed but you will experience a panic upon
checking out the code. The following is an excerpt of the error
message you will receive.

cvs server: Updating packaging/PHT
cvs server: Updating packaging/PHT/TurbotLinux
cvs [server aborted]: cannot open directory /data/cvs/samba/packaging/PHT/TurbotLinux: No such file or directory

The Fix:
To avoid this error message please make the following deletion:

cd ~samba/packaging
rm -rf PHT

Then check out as you normally would.

My apologies for any agony sufferers.

John H Terpstra
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