Syncing UNIX and Samba passwords

Albert Chin-A-Young china at
Wed Oct 21 22:27:20 GMT 1998

We'd like to contract out an enhancement to Samba (we're running
1.9.18p10 now but the Samba group might wish for these fixes to be
made to 2.0). We want to enable encrypted passwords but don't want
users having to enter two commands to change their password. To
accomplish this, we need a modified rpc.yppasswdd (spmd from the
SPM distribution) and a generic interface to the Samba password file.

It would be nice to have a library API to modify the Samba password
file (one that takes into consideration multiple writers). smbpasswd
would then be linked against this to interface with the smbpasswd
file and the spmd process of the SPM would link against this library
for access to the same smbpasswd file. It would also seem that smbd
would need modification to use this library.

So, we need someone willing to take on both these tasks (preferably).
Feel free to contact me via email if you're interested in tackling
this. Also, if the library API to smbpasswd isn't a good idea, that
should be discussed and an alternative which offers the ability
for multiple programs to update smbpasswd can be considered (I'd
really like record-level locking but that might be asking too much
from a text file).

SPM can be found at

albert chin (china at

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