merge from weekend work

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Oct 20 02:10:22 GMT 1998

> i just had to do an off-line merge, and with cvs being the way it is,
> could people (andrew?) who have done weekend commits please verify that i
> haven't over-ridden anything?

please verify it yourself Luke, I just don't have time (and won't have
time for months) to verify stuff like this. You will just have to work
a bit more slowly and verify stuff carefully. 

One useful trick is to do a "cvs diff -u" on your code just before you
checkin and make absolutely sure that there is nothing in the diff
that you don't really want to go in or that removes other peoples

if you've already done it then go through the web interface and look
carefully at the commits to all files you've changed.

we can't afford to fix bugs twice.

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