patches for Reliant UNIX RE: comments on LFS suport in samba-2

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Thu Nov 26 17:25:09 GMT 1998

O.K., I added patches for our system. I still believe this is wrong - having
standard way to enable LFS and adding patches for every single system. (For
anybody not liking word "standard" - agreed upon by many OS vendors, so that
it becomes "de facto" standard in any case)

here are changes:


  - added support for changed OS name (SINIX -> Reliant UNIX)

  - check for LFS support and add needed flags. Use mixed (off64_t)
  - check for ftello64() and fseeko64() added
  - stat family is mapped in <sys/stat.h> onto single xstat/xstat64
function. It is impossible
    to check for stat64/lstat64/fstat64 using standard AC_CHECK_FUNC If they
are not found,
    recheck once more explicitly
  - added <unistd.h> in some tests - needed (sigh) to enable LFS
  - check for statvfs64() was broken? (statfs64 was used instead statvfs64)

include/includes.h, lib/netmask.h

  - moved <unistd.h> at the top. Sigh ...


  - added calls to ftello64() and fseeko64 if available

And this is unrelated to LFS

  - check for strcasecmp; if unavailable, look for it in -lresolv. Note,
that -lnsl *must* be before
    -lresolv for name resoution to works properly, so it is impossible to
simply do

It does not fix strcasecmp completely (on all versions) but at least enables
me to compile SAMBA on my two systems.

patch attached

thank you

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