James Willard james at
Sun Nov 22 03:11:27 GMT 1998


   Well, with the latest CVS code (November 21, 1998) attempting to launch
Server Manager for Windows 95 causes it to die with a GPF and a message
saying "SRVMGR caused an invalid page fault in module NETUI1.DLL at
0137:592lclc6". Any idea what changes to the code caused this to happen?

   On a positive note, Win95 User Manager no longer displays "Cannot connect
to RPC server, choose another domain" when launched. Instead, it actually
begins to display the groups in the domain, then says "Not enough storage is
available to process this command. Do you want to select another domain to
administer?". I'm not sure what kind of storage space it is looking for.
Memory usage seems to be normal and there is plenty of disk space. I'm
assuming it has filled it's buffers to capacity and can't process any more
user/group information.

James Willard
james at


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