password change problem

Björn Wingman bjowi at
Sat Nov 21 01:18:04 GMT 1998

> Background...I used to be using smbpasswd and the "unix password sync",
> "password chat", and "password program" settings to keep my smb passwords
> and unix passwords in sync.  This was working well in an earlier release
> of 1.9.18 but one of the messages below indicates that this broke in
> 1.9.18p10.  I didn't notice it was broken until recently when I started
> using 2.0.0beta1 and so I thought that it was broken only in the 2.0.0
> samba domain control code.

I have the same problem with my 2.0 samba. Could it be related to a
problem I have with NT's domain Usrmgr? In the user managers settings,
the option "user not allowed to change password" (or similar) is for
some reason set, and all I get from usrmgr when I try to edit _any_ options is
an error message, "rpc failed".

   /Björn Wingman

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