check_oem_password: Incorrect password length

Douglas K. Fischer skeet at Bridgewater.EDU
Thu Nov 19 16:32:42 GMT 1998

I'm currently investigating the appearance of this error message for a
significant number of our users' password change attempts. It would seem
from my research that this error occurs when the data coming from the
SamOEMhash function is not of the expected format/value. I do not know if
this would be due to incorrect data being sent into the SamOEMhash
function from the client or something strange happening in the function

>From a technical viewpoint, under what conditions might the above error be
generated? The values I've seen returned for new_pw_len are generally in
the 7-8 digit range, both positive and negative (two such values are like
868360728 and -381369387). Any insight anyone can give about these types
of new_pw_len values and what sort of culprits may be at work here would
definitely further my investigation greatly.

Thanks in advance,


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