samba-2 (all versions): Modtime is not preserved on file copy to server (PR#11257)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Nov 17 23:25:35 GMT 1998

borsenkow.msk at wrote:

> If I copy file from within explorer onto samba share, the modification time
> is not preserved. The file gets current time. It happens *only* if NT smb
> support is enabled - unfortunately, disabling NT SMB brings back old NT WS
> bug with long file names + 16 bit executables :((
> It is easy to reproduce, but I am ready to provide traces anyway.
> The problem is not trivial to solve. It appears, that NT has quite different
> semantic on file access compared to Unix. Sigh...
> thank you in advance
> PS I dare to say, that no production release is possible till it is fixed.
> It already broke some things at our site.

Keep your hat on Andrej :-), I have already fixed it.

It was fairly easy, just keep the modtime pending until
file close and then apply it (before any modtime
in the close request so the modtime in the close request
takes precedence).

I've tested & checked the fix into the 2.0 branch and
am now checking it compiles before checking in on the
main branch....


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