Samba 2.0 - HPUX notes

Tim Rice tim at trr.metro.NET
Tue Nov 17 22:12:26 GMT 1998

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Dirk De Wachter wrote:

> Dear Samba gurus,
> I was trying out the beta1 on HPUX, especially to see how the 
> autoconf stuff would go.
> I have some words about this.
> 1. One cannot choose which compiler to use. If gcc is available, than 
> this one is choosen. However I want to use the HP ANSI compiler, 
> therefore I need to hide 'gcc' before running autoconf. Could this be 
> solved by a autoconf option? (e.g. --compiler=path_to_compiler)

If want cc just do
$ CC=cc configure

> 2. Many of the tests on HPUX fail because it needs the option -Ae 
> added to the CPPFLAGS first. In order not to confuse HPUX users, I 
$ CC=cc CPPFLAGS=-Ae configure

> 4. On a trusted system (with shadow passwords) shadow.h is checked 
> and found. But the 'getspnam()' check fails with 'code not found', 
> because it is found in the library 'libsec'. Therefore to check for 
> getspnam() '-lsec' should be added to the CFLAGS too.

Hmm, If you have autoconf on your system you could add
AC_CHECK_LIB(sec, getspnam) to your and rebuild configure
with autoconf.

Then the question becomes where best to put it.
If -lsec is unique to HPUX it should probably go with the 
 *hpux*) AC_DEFINE(HPUX);; line in the case "$host_os" in section.


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