Samba 2.0 - HPUX notes

Dirk De Wachter Dirk.DeWachter at
Tue Nov 17 17:02:36 GMT 1998

Dear Samba gurus,

I was trying out the beta1 on HPUX, especially to see how the 
autoconf stuff would go.

I have some words about this.
1. One cannot choose which compiler to use. If gcc is available, than 
this one is choosen. However I want to use the HP ANSI compiler, 
therefore I need to hide 'gcc' before running autoconf. Could this be 
solved by a autoconf option? (e.g. --compiler=path_to_compiler)
2. Many of the tests on HPUX fail because it needs the option -Ae 
added to the CPPFLAGS first. In order not to confuse HPUX users, I 
think it would be better to check for it in autoconf. Possible 
scenario: if a (A) 'cc' compiler is found on a (B) HPUX system (these 
things ARE already checked) then add '-Ae' to CPPFLAGS.
3. Warnings issued by the compiler seem to be treated as errors: that 
is, the test is marked as failed. Is this normal behaviour for 
autoconf? In that case, the option '-w' should be added to CPPFLAGS 
too, to suppress warning messages.
4. On a trusted system (with shadow passwords) shadow.h is checked 
and found. But the 'getspnam()' check fails with 'code not found', 
because it is found in the library 'libsec'. Therefore to check for 
getspnam() '-lsec' should be added to the CFLAGS too.

Conclusion: the old makefile from 1.9.18 worked like a charm, 
although we had to choose the right system ourselves. The problem now 
with autoconf is that not all the options of the old Makefile have 
been incorporated in the autoconf stuff. I addressed some of the 
issues above. I do not feel confident enough with the autoconf stuff 
to change anything myself, but I'm willing to answer any questions.

5. One final note. At the end of the autoconfigure process, a HPUX 
system is marked as a trapdoor uid system. This is checked with 
special testfile that only uses seteuid (and family)-calls. HPUX does 
not support these calls, but uses setresuid (and family)-calls. In 
the SAMBA code this is checked for and the appropiate calls are made. 
Is it therefore still correct to call HPUX a trapdoor uid system or 
should the testfile be extended to setresuid calls?

Best regards,


  Dirk De Wachter, MScEE, MScBME, PhD
  scientific researcher, systems administrator mailto:Dirk.DeWachter at
  Hydraulics Laboratory, Ibitech, University Gent         voice:+32 9 264 3281
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