NT password change

Tim Winders twinders at SPC.cc.tx.us
Thu Nov 12 21:28:16 GMT 1998

I thought I would try a little experiment:

I have 2.0.0 from 10/25/98 running under Digital Unix 4.0D with the defaul
configure script and unix password sync = Yes.

I have logged into the Samba domain from a WinNT 4.0sp4 workstation.  I
then tried to use the WinNT CHANGE PASSWORD to change my Samba domain
password.  It came back and said the password was not correct and it was
not changed.

The log file shows:

[1998/11/12 15:16:23, 0] rpc_server/srv_util.c:(676)
  api_pipe_request: **** MUST CALL become_user() HERE ****

and the smbpasswd is not changed, *BUT* the Unix password *IS* changed.
Pretty neat, huh?

Just thought you might like to know...

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