unix registry command

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Tue Nov 10 20:33:08 GMT 1998

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  exactly the same rules apply to the use of
rpcclient registry commands as to regedit.exe and regedt32.exe, except
more so.

obtain from: http://samba.anu.edu.au/cvs.html

syntax: rpcclient -S nt_hostname -U username[%passwd] -W domain -l logfile

rpcclient now has some _preliminary_ commands which work with
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and will in the near future work with HKEY_USERS

- regenum keyname

enumerates subkeys and values in a key named "keyname".
the last modified date is shown against the enumerated subkeys
the value type and the value data is shown against the enumerated values

- regquery keyname

shows the last modified date, the number of keys and values etc

- reggetsec keyname

shows the permissions (access control list) on a file.  a list of SIDs and
their permissions is shown.  use the "lookupsids S-x-x-x..." command to
find out the pretty-looking name, i will fix this in later versions.

- regcreatekey parentkeyname subkeyname

creates a key with _default_ permissions.  cannot specify key permissions
at the moment.

- regcreateval parentkeyname valuename [1|3|4] value.

1=UNICODE string;
3=hex data (value is of format 0095a439 or 00,15,39,28,ba,ff etc)
4=DWORD (value is of format 0xNNNN or NNNN)

that's all, for now: there are improvements to be made and more commands
to add.  have fun, and BE CAREFUL.


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