trast files

Brian Roberson brian at
Mon Nov 9 10:08:58 GMT 1998

what did I miss? Is there any docs on the trust_pass_xx functions in
passdb/smbpassfile , e.g. anything on the $DOM.$MACH.mac files as to what
they are, what they do, or even the format ( besides in the src file :-) 
I see where it is leading to, but found no doc. on these functions at all
in the tree. ( again, except the src file's themselves ) Please
understand, this is the first time I actually went digging in the tree at
all, so If I did miss something be nice :) Isee Luke fixed the last char
in machine/username from being dropped in usermgr/servmgr, thanks, that
was starting to annoy me! I finally broke down and installed NT
on a machine here, YUK! now, just need to put netmon on it and I will be
ready to debug packets .. oh joy :-)


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