More problems with clitar.c

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed May 20 09:36:26 GMT 1998


I have just noticed the following egregious code :-(

>  name = (char *)malloc(strlen(fname) + 1 + 1);
>  if (name == NULL) {
>     DEBUG(0, ("Failed to allocate space while setting time on file: %s", 
>     return False;
>  }

This bit I introduced to allow for strings longer than pstring

>  pstrcpy(name, fname);
>  pstrcpy(fname, "\\");
>  pstrcat(fname, name);

This was in the original. It overwrites the passed in string. Shudder! 

I have also just realized that there are a bunch of places where pstrings
are used which should be dynamically allocated.

Oh well. Next week I am in Sydney and in my copious free time, I will be
fixing these problems :-(

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