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As it turns out, there isn't a problem at all.  It seems that while there
are versions of NT (WinDD, NTriuge) that will allow you to connect to a
server with different usernames, the standard Microshaft... uh I mean
Microsoft workstation software that comes with NT and the Client for
Microsoft Networks that comes with Windows 95 will not.  NFS Maestro works
only because it uses it's own client software on NT/95.

If you have access to an NT server, try connecting two drives to the same
share using different usernames.  The error is the same.

"The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials"


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Hello luke and Rick:

   Did you guys even figure this one out?  I have the same problem using
samba 1.9.18p2.

Terry lalonde

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Rick Muniz wrote:

> I have a group of users that are curently using NFS Maestro to connect to
unix systems
> from their NT 4.0 PC's. I am trying to move away from using NFS Maestro to
just use
> samba on the unix systems but I am running into a problem with users that
are connecting
> to a server using two different user names.
> Drive Share Username
> j: \\frs\data1 bob
> p: \\frs\data2 ted
> This works using NFS Maestro but when using the microsoft networking
client, the first
> connection works OK but the second connection get the error "The
credentials supplied
> conflict with an existing set of credentials". I have tried the same drive
mappings from
> an NTrigue system and in works OK.
> Is there a registry entry I can change in NT 4.0 to make this work?
> Is the fact that it works under NTrigue a specific NTrigue hack ?
> I am using Samba 1.9.17P4 on Solaris 2.5.1 with the following settings in
 my smb.conf:
> security = server
> workgroup = OFS
> password server = nyntpdc
> username map = /etc/opt/samba/users.map

[i don't know about the username map option, so i can't advise on this]

please could you try 1.9.17p3, and then 1.9.17p2, and let the list know if
it works?

best regards,


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