password API needed

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue May 12 17:33:06 GMT 1998

i _like_ these lists.  you get some really useful feedback / opinions.

ok, from opinions just over the last few hours, we've had a useful
suggestion to name the "extra options" file private/samdb not
private/sampasswd, and the following options:

- don't like adding additional options to smb.conf: prefer private/samdb
or ldap to read extra SAM fields.

- do like adding additional options to smb.conf

- prefer to have options in sampasswd or ldap, but wouldn't mind having
defaults read from smb.conf if the options don't exist.

if we go for the latter, and _also_ add an option (for speed purposes at
really large sites)  which disables the "default" capability of reading
from smb.conf if any of the parameters do not exist, then that keeps
everyone happy.

you know what?  in some ways i would like to go for the first option, as
what i would _really_ like to see is "lp_logon_script()" and
"lp_profile_path()" and "lp_homedir()" disabled altogether and replaced
only with a private/samdb file, as they can cause quite a bit of trouble.

but that's a bit radical...

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