Changes needed to the file_info structure

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat May 2 06:40:13 GMT 1998

> 1.  I need dynamic length file names, so the pstring structure no longer 
>     suits. This is needed to properly handle some of the long directory 
>     names we might encounter in clitar.

yep, we changed that in smbd a long time ago. It is only the client
that uses that structure. Feel free to change it! Probably use the
string string_* routines.
> 2.  I need to link directory names together so that I can set the mtime 
>     correctly. I need a simple doubly linked list here so I can insert things
>     at the tail and go back up the list and go down the list as well.
>     This is needed so we can set the mtime correctly on a directly.  You 
>     have to set it after you have finished with the directory.

isn't what you really need a stack? When you finish with a directory
you change the mtime for it. Anyway, I'm sure chris can supply you
with an appropriate routine :-)

Please also keep in mind that the current client code is going to be
scrapped. Luke has already done it, in fact, it is just that we
haven't properly propogated the changes the the main tree. 

Cheers, Andrew

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