Changes needed to the file_info structure

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Mon May 4 20:39:24 GMT 1998

> > 2.  I need to link directory names together so that I can set the mtime 
> >     correctly. I need a simple doubly linked list here so I can insert things
> >     at the tail and go back up the list and go down the list as well.
> >     This is needed so we can set the mtime correctly on a directly.  You 
> >     have to set it after you have finished with the directory.
> isn't what you really need a stack? When you finish with a directory
> you change the mtime for it. Anyway, I'm sure chris can supply you
> with an appropriate routine :-)

See samba/source/ubiqx/ubi_?LinkList.?

Piece of cake.

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