Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Mar 30 23:46:18 GMT 1998

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> Perhaps I'm splitting hairs but Jeremy warned me about playing around
> inside mangle.c.  I've written a new is_mangled function which is a bit
> more selective and doesn't use recursion.  The main behavioral change is
> that it tests the two characters following the magic character to see if
> they are in the basechars set.
> If no one objects, I *will* make this change.


	Looks good to me - but the ultimate arbiter is
to *test* the change before you commit it. If it works
at least as well as the old one (try running 16 bit
executables from Win95 and make sure they're happy
with the mangled names etc) - then go for it !

BTW: main branch only - is that your intention ?



Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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