Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Tue Mar 31 19:21:46 GMT 1998

Jeremy, Andrew,

> 	Looks good to me - but the ultimate arbiter is
> to *test* the change before you commit it.

Are you kidding?  The way this list flames for any new bugs!  ;>

Yep.  I caught one today, in fact.  I figured out why/how the recusion
works in the old version.  I've replaced it with a loop.

Basically, I'm feeding all sorts of odd strings to both functions and 
looking for differences now.  I'll probably wait to submit the changes 
until I've tested against a Wind/95 box.

Andrew also talked about speed.  I've made the function more restrictive
(the old one would return TRUE for "~~~", the new one won't), but I've
done so by adding additional function calls (strlen() and strchr()).  I 
don't expect this to be a major problem considering the other speed 
improvements I'm planning to make in mangle.c.

> If it works at least as well as the old one (try running 16 bit
> executables from Win95 and make sure they're happy
> with the mangled names etc) - then go for it !

Win/95 box order is being prepared.  I'm waiting for the quote from VA
Research.  If I get what I'm looking for, I should have access to Win/95,
Win/NT4 Server, and RedHat.  It would be a shared machine (not mine), but
I'd probably have first dibbs. 

> BTW: main branch only - is that your intention ?

I believe that's the only one I'm accessing just now.

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