Management of Samba (again)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Fri Mar 27 18:23:26 GMT 1998

> The problem with this is *speed*. If all lp_XX calls 
> were redirected to a separate daemon Samba would run
> slower than a one-legged dog in a whippet race (sorry,
> that's my northen England background coming out there :-).


That's exactly why I put all of the disclaimers into my message.  I was 
simply giving examples of how this *might* be done, not how we'd do it 
because you're exactly right about such changes.  The point of the 
message was to architect a means by which we could support all of the 
different management interfaces that people were kicking around.

...but, to the practical...

Each Samba dameon (nmbd, smbd) could keep a cache of all parameter 
settings as they do now.  When they got a reload signal, they might
reload from the config daemon instead of smb.conf.

That's just a quick fix to the problem you brought up.  There are 
probably better ways.  I just don't want to get stuck on implementation 
issues--as important as they may be--yet.

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