Black hole shares

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Thu Mar 26 10:13:06 GMT 1998


I do not like this. Office products actually will check that what was
written is there - if the share is writtable. I have ALWAYS installed
the Network Shared Office installation on a read-only share. This is a
problem mostly for Access which needs to have full locking support on a
writtable set of files in WORKDIR in which it stores the multi-user
locking stuff for it's own .mdb files.

Eeck! No. No black holes please!

John T.

On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Dan Shearer wrote:

> Microsoft Office (and other Windows packages) wants to write to
> ridiculous files that it has no reason to, system DLLs, its own .EXEs and 
> the like. This is what makes it so very hard to run Office from a network 
> server, NT or any other. There are ways, but they are all very nasty.
> What about a new share property that let any number of users open any 
> number of files for writing in any byte range (or even any number of 
> exclusive file locks) but nothing was ever actually written? Have to do 
> some audits first on what really is happening but its just an idea I was 
> throwing around with Richard Sharpe.
> Comments anyone?
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