Black hole shares

Dan Shearer dshearer at
Thu Mar 26 08:31:16 GMT 1998

Microsoft Office (and other Windows packages) wants to write to
ridiculous files that it has no reason to, system DLLs, its own .EXEs and 
the like. This is what makes it so very hard to run Office from a network 
server, NT or any other. There are ways, but they are all very nasty.

What about a new share property that let any number of users open any 
number of files for writing in any byte range (or even any number of 
exclusive file locks) but nothing was ever actually written? Have to do 
some audits first on what really is happening but its just an idea I was 
throwing around with Richard Sharpe.

Comments anyone?

 Dan Shearer                            email: Dan.Shearer at

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