Year 2000

David Porter david.porter.3 at
Wed Mar 18 14:30:43 GMT 1998

Okay...This has probably been asked before, but are there any issues
with Samba for the year 2000 ? We are currently using Samba all over the
world and have got a team looking into Year 2000 compliancy for all the
applications we run.

Are we likely to run into problems with Samba ?



Incidentally, since most of the Samba Team seem to read this group, has
anyone thought of being able to specify other samba servers/shares in the
path line of a share that would re-direct the connection (kinda like the NIS
homedir function I guess) This would be useful if a share moves from one
machine to another, we could point the original request to the new location
(and take some accounting information so we know which machines to change)


    comment = Test share
    path = \\new_machine\test

Flames welcome! :-)

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