Year 2000

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Mar 18 17:02:10 GMT 1998

> Incidentally, since most of the Samba Team seem to read this group, has
> anyone thought of being able to specify other samba servers/shares in the
> path line of a share that would re-direct the connection (kinda like the NIS
> homedir function I guess) This would be useful if a share moves from one
> machine to another, we could point the original request to the new location
> (and take some accounting information so we know which machines to change)

you are referring to DFS (distributed file system) which is currently only
implemented in NT.  i specifically want this, but my NT server
core-dumped, wrote out the kernel to hard disk and overwrote the NTFS
partition with total garbage in the process.

so it will take me a while longer...

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