name resolve order

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Mar 16 20:54:12 GMT 1998

Hi guys,

	John (T) finally bugged me enough to add a feature
he's wanted for a long time (I foolishly told him it
would take an hour to add..... ha ! :-).

We now have the capability to dynamically change
how names are resolved in smbclient, smbd and nmbd
(not that it's really used in nmbd).

The new parameter "name resolve order" acts like
a nsswitch.conf file and will take the following
keys :

lmhosts, host, wins, bcast in any order and will
then use the specified naming services to lookup
host names (this is most useful in smbclient).

Please look over the new stuff (it's documented
also) - I put it in 1.9.18 and the head branches
and try and break it :-).



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