Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Aug 31 23:50:07 GMT 1998

> Copying large files across the network, to or from a Samba share,
> often fails (but not always).  Interestingly, the file size for which
> file copy operations fail is inversely proportional to the log level.
> For example, at log level 100, I cannot copy anything over a few
> kilobytes.  But even with samba set for no debug output, file copy
> operations fail when the file size is over 3 or 4 megabytes.  This
> behaviour is not consistent over all our machines, I've got one user
> on NT4SP3 who is able to copy large files much more consistently. 


As Jeremy says, logs files will be useful, but also useful will be:

- telling us how you are copy files. Dragging in explorer? Is the
  share mounted as a drive letter?

- a tcpdump capture of the problem. Get tcpdump for your linux box,
  then run it like this:

  tcpdump -s 1500 -w cap.dat host SERVER and host CLIENT

changing SERVER and CLIENT where appropriate. Start the tcpdump just
after launching smbd to make sure we see the whole transaction. Then
upload cap.dat to

> Note that file copies across NT4SP3 machines work just fine and we
> experience network performance that is usually a *lot* better between
> NT machines.  To rule out any TCP/IP or hardware-related issues, we
> also tested file copies using FTP, which works quite well for all
> combinations of NT/Samba.

lets worry about speed once its working!

> For samba mounted directory on ursula (samba server).
>     % ls //ursula/peta
>     ls: //ursula/peta: cannot read directory
>     % cd //ursula/peta
>     -ksh: cd: //ursula/peta: [Bad file descriptor]

a tcpdump of this would be useful too.

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